AvePN is now invite-only!

After about a year and a half of getting asked to recommend VPN services to people, I decided to set up my own. One you don't have to worry about paying, using too much or being logged. Though, to reduce risk of abuse, it is currently invite-only.

Apply for access now

No logs

All sorts of logging is disabled. I *trust* you to not abuse the service.

No speed or usage limits

There is no speed limits at all. I *trust* you to think of other users.


All security features of OpenVPN I can enable reliably enable are enabled. No one can snoop into your connection.


After your request gets approved, the process is automatic. Source code for that can be seen here.


The VPN works on mobile and desktop devices.


No censorship on our end, at all. Also, Turkish censors failed to block the VPN until now. If they succeed, I'll mail you with info on how to bypass it.